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Welcome to the Tripetta for Business Blog. Here we publish news and insights into the advertising industry as well as tips and best practices. We hope you enjoy reading.

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How to advertise your business locally

Coffee Shop in Kilkenny

Many business owners often ask, how do you advertise your business locally? As a physical business, you may want to reach a local audience more than an international one. As a bookshop in Dallas, you have different target customers than a photo editing app, which can be used in many countries. For business owners like these, effectively advertising your business locally is crucial to long-term success...

17 ways to promote your business before opening

At the coffee shop.

Before you officially open your new business, it is a good idea to promote it several weeks in advance. At this point, your promotion doesn’t need to be something extravagant; your goal is to share your to-be business with your future customers. The more people are aware of your business, the more excited they will be for the opening day. However, there are still important questions to think about...

How to advertise your business

Marketing team - advertiser showcase

How do you advertise your business? Today, business owners face a host of challenges when they think about marketing. The question itself presents many possibilities, it has many interpretations. Let’s start with what advertising is. Advertising is both an art form and a science - a way of presenting your products and services to prospective customers. It is the storefront of your brand, and the way your customers will remember who you are...

Advertising doesn't have to be expensive...

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Advertising companies always want you to believe that advertising costs a fine fortune. At Tripetta for Business, we can deliver great results at an affordable price, because we know that is all you will accept. Learn more about our offers, below.

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Just $5.99 dollars for one week

Purchase one non-homepage ad for just $5.99.

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Russian rubles: 463.17

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Swiss francs: 5.53

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Types of ads

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