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We believe cybersecurity is essential to long-term success...

At Tripetta, we believe cybersecurity is essential to our success. We work every day to secure our systems and prevent cyberattacks and today we want to invite you to become a part of our long journey.

Disclose security threats to Tripetta

You can disclose security threats by emailing, We will respond accordingly based on your findings.

Latest security news...

Tripetta discusses cybersecurity with Chinese company Geetest

Today at Tripetta, we discussed cybersecurity with Chinese company Geetest, one of the primary security and defense firms in the country. We discussed the adoption of new security measures Tripetta can take to defend against hacker groups, potential risks, and developments in bot networks, and the escalating security situation around the world. Tripetta is incredibly concerned about hacker groups and the growing developments in bot networks and will take new insights and ideas from Geetest to protect our users and customers from cyberattacks. New security measures will be launched soon.

Tripetta intercepts attempted cyberattack

This week, Tripetta intercepted an attempted cyberattack. The attempt was unsuccessful. Tripetta launched new defense and security systems as a response to the attack, making it harder for hackers to make similar attempts in the future. The attack was automatically shut down by existing security systems. Manual measures were also adopted later.

Tripetta discusses cybersecurity with Canadian company Tribe

Today, Tripetta discussed cybersecurity with Canadian company Tribe, the creator of our user forum. We will use these new insights from Tribe to build a better and more secure Tripetta Forum, and to deter cyberattacks. We will be launching new security measures, very soon.

Tripetta shuts down bot network attempting to exploit Tripetta communications systems

Last week, Tripetta disclosed that it has shut down a bot network aiming to intercept communications systems. The attempted attack targeted Tripetta for Governments as well as journalists and media outlets of interest to the organization in question. The bot network aimed to attack over 20,000 websites around the world, with Tripetta being the first website to shut them down. The website and organization in question has since been blacklisted by multiple world governments. The bot network relied primarily on the use of fake and invalid email addresses, which appeared to be auto-generated. Although the bot network caused damage to vulnerable websites and media outlets, Tripetta’s counter-malware operation successfully blocked the bot network and stopped its operation, in its entirety. The organization in question was sent multiple messages, explaining why it was suspended from Tripetta, and that it needed to use a real email address to register for an account. No user data was compromised from the incident, and the bot network was blocked before it was able to cause any damage to Tripetta users.

Tripetta deploys advanced cybersecurity software to track suspicious activity and bots

Tripetta recently launched new advanced cybersecurity software to intercept bots and hackers, and to track suspicious activity on our platforms. The new software has helped Tripetta stop cyberattacks and has provided Tripetta information that has helped us fight back against hackers, more efficiently and effectively.

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