24 hours inside Mexico's most dangerous city: Visit Fresnillo

Named Mexico’s most dangerous city, due to high crime rates, Fresnillo in the state of Zacatecas, is one of the country’s off-the-grid travel destinations. And yet, the overlooked city is a hidden gem, with beautiful cathedrals, interesting museums, and unique cuisine. The colonial city was founded in the 16th century by Spanish explorer Francisco de Ibarra, and is known for its silver. Temperatures in Fresnillo can reach 40 degrees Celsius, with the hottest month being April.

How to travel to Fresnillo

Airport: The nearest airport to Fresnillo is Zacatecas International Airport.

Flights from Mexico City to Zacatecas.

Flights from Dallas to Zacatecas.

Flights from Chicago to Zacatecas.

Flights from Los Angeles to Zacatecas.

Bus and train: Fresnillo has a train station and a bus station for long-distance trips. Book tickets on BusBud.

Places to visit in Fresnillo

1. Santuario de Plateros

The Santuario de Plateros in Fresnillo

Santuario de Plateros: The Santuario de Plateros is a religious shrine in the center of Fresnillo that was built in the 18th century. It honors the patron saint of silversmiths.

2. The Mining Museum

The Legion Seminyak

Visit the Mining Museum in Fresnillo to learn about the history of silver mining in Zacatecas. Clothes, tools, documents, and minerals from the area are exhibited. There are six rooms in the museum with machinery from different centuries.

3. House of Culture

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The House of Culture (Ágora José González Echeverría Museum) is a 19th century building that honors the history of Fresnillo. The nine rooms of the museum are named after famous figures of the city such as Francisco Goitia, Daniel Peralta, Manuel María Ponce, Tomás Méndez, Pedro Valtierra, and Mateo Gallegos.


mexican beef fajitas in iron skillet with bell peppers and guacamole on the side by Joshua Resnick on 500px.com

Fresnillo is known for its authentic local cuisine, including grills, ribs, and steaks. La Parilla is the city’s most famous steakhouse and Capital Ribs is the city’s best place for chicken wings. Fresnillo also offers multiple pizzerias including Huapalli and Macadamia.

Places to stay in Fresnillo

Despite its poor reputation, Mexico’s Fresnillo has many great places to stay. Our favorite hotel in Fresnillo is IHG’s five-star Avid Hotel, the city’s best. The hotel offers free WiFi, grab-and-go breakfast, a 24-hour gym, and free parking.

Hotel Plata is another popular hotel in Fresnillo offering family rooms, standard rooms, standard quadruple rooms, and twin rooms.

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