Welcome to Guatemala

Welcome to Guatemala. Guatemala is a country in Latin America that is known for its historic sities, beaches, and natural beauty. Its capital, Guatemala City, is known for its beautiful architecture and many notable tourist attractions.

Map of Guatemala

Basic Stats

Travel safety rating: 5/10

Targeted groups: No groups found

General Sanitation Rating: 9/10

Food Safety Rating for Foreigners: 6/10

Tourism Infrastructure Rating: 3/10

Fluency in English Rating: 4/10

Languages spoken: Spanish

These stats were collected through general studies by prominent institutions that analyzed Guatemala's tourism sector. They represent Guatemala as a whole, not certain parts of the country that are either better or worse-off. These studies were then summarized into a given rating.

Top Attractions

Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the capital and largest city of Guatemala.

Guatemala city


Mixco is the second-largest city in Guatemala and is known for its ancient history.

Mixco Viejo

Villa Nueva

Villa Nueva is a city in Western Guatemala that is known for its beautiful city center.

(208/17) Camino de la iglesia

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Before Spanish conquest, Guatemala was dominated by a series of great civilizations. The last of these were the Mayans who abandoned Guatemala in the 10th century. Many traces of Mayan life can still be found all over the country. Spanish conquistadors arrived in the early 16th century and controlled the entirety of present-day Guatemala by the end of the 17th century. After Mexico gained independence from Spain during the Napoleonic Wars, Guatemala led a union with other Spanish colonies in Central America to create a separate Central American State. The Central American Federation gained independence from Spain by the end of 1821 and campaigned for unification with Mexico, which Mexico rejected. After a Central American Civil War that started in 1826, the Central American Federation became a military dictatorship. By 1840, Guatemala had gained independence from the Central American Federation. In the early 20th century, Guatemala became a major ally of the United States and gave up large swaths of land to American companies who did not have to pay taxes within Guatemalan borders. After a brutal civil war that started in 1960 and ended only in 1996, Guatemala is today one of the richest and most stable countries in Central America.


"Buses are the main method of transportation for most Guatemalans, and many travelers choose to save money by taking buses. Often referred to as 'chicken buses', these local inter- and intracity buses are often set in old U.S. school buses. They can be crowded and you might have to stand for the entire bus ride." - Anywhere.com

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