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A guide to kayaking in Manchac Swamp, Louisiana: America's spookiest swamp

Into the wild by Christian Lamine on 500px.com

The Manchac Swamp is located in the southeast of Louisiana, halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, where Lake Pontchartrain reaches its westernmost point. Allegedly haunted by the ghost of a priestess, kayaking in Manchac Swamp is spooky not only because of the stories, but because of alligators that live in the swamp.

A guide to camel riding in Doha, Qatar: What to know before you go

Desert Portrait by Lee Mora on 500px.com

Camel riding is one of the most fun activities one can do in Doha. Many hotels and safaris offer camel riding excursions into the desert, and into Qatar’s large inland sea. This is also a great way to explore the country’s sand dunes.

The world’s top ten most dangerous places to swim


As someone who goes to the beach once in a while, you would think what is so dangerous about just taking a swim? The conditions that make these places so dangerous are astounding and honestly quite scary. We’ve got extreme temperatures, shark-infested waters, enormous waves, the world’s strongest tides, rip currents, and even intoxication by volcano lava. Unfortunately, this is not one of those travel guides where we advise you to join along for the ride. So, you can just pretend you are at the beach by painfully trying to swim on the floor. Good luck.

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