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Are you from Texas?

Houston-TX-Buffalo Bayou by Vic Clark on

This quiz dares to predict if you are from Texas.

Are you from the Netherlands?

Amsterdam by Wessel Krul on

This quiz dares to predict if you are from the Netherlands.

Are you from Mumbai?

The Taj Mahal Hotel , Mumbai by Aamod Potdar on

This quiz dares to predict if you are from Mumbai.

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User recommendations

Mount Paektu Travel Guide

Power by Aaron Sorrell on

Mount Paektu is a famous mountain on the border between China and North Korea that is considered sacred to all Koreans...

Suggested by Tripetta user: From China

New Jersey Travel Guide

Golden Newark 737 by hugociss  on

New Jersey is a US state that is known for its Atlantic coastline, entertainment, great food, and gorgeous scenery...

Suggested by Tripetta user: From Greece

Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam by Wessel Krul on

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. The city is known for its many canals, art museums, long history, and many things to do...

Suggested by Tripetta user: From Argentina

Luxor Travel Guide

civilization 2 by Sherif ali on

Luxor, formerly known as Thebes, is the ancient and historical capital of Upper Egypt. Although no longer a major political center, Luxor remains one of Egypt's most alive and incredible cities from its ancient sites, to its friendly people, and many tourist attractions...

Suggested by Tripetta user: From Cyprus

Larnaca Travel Guide

St. Lazaros church by Andreas Giavroutas on

Larnaca is a historic city in Cyprus and one of the oldest cities in the world. It is known for its incredible architecture and beautiful beaches.

Dublin Travel Guide

Bridge 2 (Dublin) by Jack S. on

Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland. The city is known for its many architectural landmarks, libraries, historical figures, and literary history.

Wellington Travel Guide

Wellington skyline by night by Hartmut Albert on

Wellington is the capital and second-largest city of New Zealand. It is known for its waterfront promenade, beaches, harbor, and timber houses.

Arizona Travel Guide

Glen Canyon Dam by Igor Kovalenko on

Arizona is a US state that is known for its largest city and main economic center, Phoenix, its vast deserts and landscapes, and the Grand Canyon.

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