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How our process works

1. You fill out our form, upload your image, and submit your advertisement.

2. You get an email stating whether or not your advertisement was approved for distribution.

3. You complete your payment to the PayPal account mentioned in our email to you.

4. Your ad will be distributed on the requested page within 48 hours and you will be notified when it is up and running.

We do not accept ads from

1. We do not accept ads from governments, government organizations, and political campaigns.

2. We do not accept ads from newspapers and press organizations of any kind.

3. We do not accept ads from scammers.

Advertising policies

1. Your website must be fully functional and accessible online.

2. Your advertisement and website cannot promote or sell cigarettes, vapes, or e-cigarettes and illegal products and services.

3. Your website and advertisement cannot display adult content.

4. Your website and advertisement cannot promote a political decision, government operation, or display violence.

5. Your ad cannot infringe on the intellectual property and copyrights owned by a third party.

6. Your ad must not contain false or misleading statements.

7. Your website must not sell weapons.

8. Your website or ad cannot defame the Tripetta brand name or Tripetta users, employees, and affiliates.

9. Your ad must comply with all local laws in your country, state, province, and city.

10. Your ad must not promote gambling of any kind.

File requirements

1. Your ad must be uploaded as an image, or video. You can also send us the code to launch an embedded widget.

2. Your ad must be no larger than 1080 by 720 pixels.

3. Your ad must not be a gif, video, or slideshow.

Payment information

1. We will only distribute your ad when you have made your payment to the PayPal account listed in the email you will get from us after we have approved your advertisement.

2. You can withdraw your ad from our website at any time by sending us an email. We will remove it within 48 hours. You can remove your ad at any time, although we will not refund it.

3. If we choose to cancel your order for any reason, we will refund the entire sum you paid us.

4. If our website is down for 24 hours or more we will extend the length your ad will appear on our website when our website is fully functioning again.

5. We will not refund any amount unless your order gets cancelled.

By clicking continue you indicate that you have read and that you agree to the terms of this contract.

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