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About the neighborhood

Flushing is a neighborhood in the north of Queens that is home to New York’s largest Chinatown, some of the best Chinese, Korean, and Indian food in the city, as well as many cultural hubs, theaters, and the renowned Queens Botanical Garden.


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Neighborhood history

Flushing was originally settled by the Matinecock Native Americans but was colonized by the Dutch in 1628, who named it Vlissingen. After the British gained control of New York City, the community was renamed to Flushing. In the 1650s, Flushing accepted many immigrants facing religious persecution in England, although life in Flushing remained mostly uneventful throughout the 18th century. After the US gained independence, many African Americans facing severe segregation in parts of Manhattan, moved to Flushing. With the influx of new immigrants, many schools and universities were established in Flushing in the 1840s, attracting students from all over the State of New York. Flushing’s first newspaper was also opened, during this time. Public transit was extended to Flushing in 1854, and the subway was extended in the early 20th century. The subway brought more people to Flushing from other parts of the city, and modern apartment complexes gradually replaced the older houses the neighborhood became known for. After the Second World War, Flushing accepted many Asian immigrants from China, Korea, Japan, and India, and eventually became New York’s largest Chinatown, overtaking the Chinatown neighborhood of Manhattan.

Top attractions

Queens Botanical Garden

The Queens Botanical Garden is one of the largest botanical gardens in New York.

Queens Botanical Garden

Flushing Town Hall

The Flushing Town Hall was the town hall of Flushing before it was incorporated into New York City. Today, it is an art center and popular tourist attraction.

Flushing Town Hall