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Souvenirs are goods purchased in another country that represent that country's culture. They can range from mugs to jewelry, and even food. Here you can learn what souvenirs to buy when you travel.

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Tea bowl by Oleg Kitaev on 500px.com
Blue tie and chopsticks by Vaidas Bučys on 500px.com
Kazakh traditions by www.pikoso.kz  on 500px.com
Townhall carpet by Noémie Frechet on 500px.com
Elephant painted wall in Udaipur, India by Cyril Lecorvaisier on 500px.com
Turkish Delight by Matthew Taylor on 500px.com

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North America and Caribbean

New York, NY NY NY by KBader on 500px.com
YRU-HERE Texas Custom License Plate by Spencer Darr on 500px.com
M&M's by Adem Catic on 500px.com
Homemade Southern Chicken and Waffles by Brent Hofacker on 500px.com

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Central and South America

Roasted Cacao Beans by Jo Oltman on 500px.com
Textiles de Guatemala hecho a mano by Victor Hugo Gudiel Moscoso on 500px.com
Guatemalan Market by Amy Ferris on 500px.com
DSC_0241.JPG by Turner Forman on 500px.com

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Snowglobe by Nevena J. on 500px.com
Classic Russian Matrioska Doll by Alberto Giacomazzi on 500px.com
Beer Bratwurst with Sauerkraut by Brent Hofacker on 500px.com
Untitled by Diamond Hall on 500px.com
Chocolate delicious candy by Mykola Lunov on 500px.com

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Masks shop by Patrick Petitjean on 500px.com
Masks by Christopher Cullen on 500px.com
Voodoo ! by Alekh Khanna on 500px.com

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