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Featured Country: Japan

See popular souvenirs from Japan...

Matcha ice cream on dark background by Anna Makarenkova on 500px.com
Folding fan (sensu)
Wagashi by TOSHIYA IWASAKI on 500px.com

Souvenirs from Thailand

thai silk scarves Benjarong 283.365 Elephant Rides Mouse

Souvenirs from Mainland China

20140912_tea_01 Chinese Door Gods woodblock colour prints diptych Chinese silk is celebrated throughout the world for its unbeatable quality.

Souvenirs from Malaysia

Songket Cloth batik malaysia

Souvenirs from Vietnam

Silk Lanterns Gốm Chu Đậu – Nơi hội tụ tinh hoa văn hóa Việt

Souvenirs from South Korea

Saenggang cha, Korean tea Dojang Case Traditional Korean pillows