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Welcome to Uluru

Welcome to Uluru. Sacred Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of Northern Territory's red center. It is located within Uluru-Kata-Tjata National Park.

Map of Uluru

Basic Stats

Travel Safety Rating: 7/10

Targeted Groups: No groups found

General Sanitation Rating: No data available

Food Safety Rating for Foreigners: No data available

Tourism Infrastructure Rating: 6/10

Fluency in English Rating: 10/10

These stats were collected through general studies by prominent institutions that analyzed Uluru's tourism sector.

Languages Spoken: English

These stats were collected by prominent institutions that analyzed Uluru's tourism sector. Data is not available in some categories because Uluru is not a state or a city, only a small attraction in a large national park.

History of Uluru

Uluru is a sacred rock located in the southern region of Australia's northern territory. It formed about 550 million years ago.


Uluru Uluru Uluru Uluru

Holidays and Festivals

Tjungu Festival

"Tjungu (pron. tjoo-ngoo), meaning meeting or coming together in Pitjantjatjara, celebrates the best of Australian Indigenous culture" - Government of Australia

Tjungu Festival


Uluru is accessible by Ayers Rock Airport, although, most visitors come by car.

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