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An advertising solution for every kind of business

At Tripetta for Business, we are committed to helping our customers grow and succeed in the long-term. Let's help you find the best solution for your business.

   Coffee shop - advertiser showcase

Advertising doesn't have to be expensive...

   Finance company - advertiser showcase

Advertising companies always want you to believe that advertising costs a fine fortune. At Tripetta for Business, we can deliver great results at an affordable price, because we know that is all you will accept. Learn more about our offers, below.

Best offer

Just $5.99 dollars for one week

Purchase one non-homepage ad for just $5.99.

US dollars: 5.99

Russian rubles: 463.17

Canadian dollars: 7.52

British pounds: 4.36

Euros: 5.03

Australian dollars: 7.86

Swiss francs: 5.53

Refer a friend, get this offer for free!

Types of ads

Digital marketing - advertiser showcase

We allow images, videos, and embedded widgets. Learn more on our ad policy page.

A dedicated audience interested in new products

Our audience is interested in shopping and learning about new products. The audience at Tripetta is massive stretching from college students to executives at Fortune 500 corporations and high-level government officials. Our users work in more than 20 industries from finance to education. Our users are often the first in a group of friends to purchase something. They like products that are innovative but of high quality, even if the price is expensive. They are interested in traveling, learning about different countries and cultures, and exploring new adventures. Integrating elements of discovery into your ad will increase its chances of success.

Premium offer - Homepage ad

$22.99 for premium plan

Purchase one homepage ad for just $22.99.

Duration: 2 weeks

US dollars: 22.99

Russian rubles: 1778.05

Canadian dollars: 28.86

British pounds: 16.73

Euros: 19.29

Australian dollars: 30.16

Swiss francs: 21.20

Refer a friend, get five dollars off!

This week's featured offer

Computers - advertiser showcase

For those who need something both cheap and reliable, we are offering a non-homepage ad, with a duration of 6 weeks, for just $8.99. Limited time only.

$8.99 for non-homepage ad

Purchase one non-homepage ad for just $8.99.

Duration: 6 weeks

US dollars: 8.99

Russian rubles: 694.97

Canadian dollars: 11.29

British pounds: 6.54

Euros: 7.55

Australian dollars: 11.80

Swiss francs: 8.29

Refer a friend, get this offer for $0.99!

Ultimate homepage ad - Unlock additional perks, and three free ad designs

$50.99 for ultimate homepage ad

Purchase one ultimate homepage ad for just $50.99.

Duration: 6 weeks

US dollars: 50.99

Russian rubles: 3943.85

Canadian dollars: 64.03

British pounds: 37.11

Euros: 42.79

Australian dollars: 66.91

Swiss francs: 47.02

Refer a friend, get fifteen dollars off!

We design your ad for you

Our talented design experts will design a high quality ad for you, which your company can use anywhere.

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