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Welcome to Tripetta. We want to help you find all the information you need to know pre-trip. Here we have an extensive collection of images, videos, explainer articles, and everything in between, that you’ll need to navigate the often complex world of travel. Our goal is to inspire every person to explore.

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Tripetta condenses the entire travel experience from booking flights to choosing souvenirs, into a single website.

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Trip to Finland

Finland is a country in Northern Europe that is known for its high quality of life, winter traditions and sports, and technology. The home of Lapland, one of the most magical Christmas destinations in Europe, Finland is also famous for its holiday season.


Trip to Athens

Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece, as well as one of the most ancient cities in the world. Its residents have included Aristotle and Plato, and other world-famous philosphers, intellectuals, and academics. Athens is also known for its many ancient sites, such as the Parthenon.


Trip to London

Welcome to London. London is the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom and its cultural epicenter. One of the largest cities in Europe, London is the home of Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, Oxford Street, and of course, Big Ben.


Trip to Belgium

Welcome to Belgium. Belgium is a country in Western Europe that is known for its chocolate, beautiful capital, Brussels, and for being home to the headquarters of NATO and important EU institutions.


Trip to Germany

Welcome to Germany. Germany is a country in Central Europe that is known for its long history, castles, natural beauty, and good food.


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Tripetta Gallery

The Tripetta Gallery is a stock photo and video platform that allows travelers to monetize their trips via content licensing.


Kozmos is the first app in the world to focus on providing free travel guides to destinations in outer space.


Visavo is a visa policy app that allows you to check what countries you can travel to visa-free.

Tripetta Lifestyle

Tripetta Lifestyle is a lifestyle and health platform that focuses on providing apps tailored to those interested in pursuing an athletic lifestyle on vacation.

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