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Algeria is the largest country on the African continent. Situated in Northern Africa, Algeria borders Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, and Niger, and the Mediterranean Sea. The country has deep ties with both European, African, and Middle Eastern countries.

Algeria is also known for its beautiful French architecture. The country, known as the birthplace of the Phoenicians, is also known for its many talented artists and musicians.

Map of Algeria

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Basic Stats

Travel safety rating: 7/10

Targeted groups: Algerian Government Officials

General Sanitation Rating: 8/10

Food Safety Rating for Foreigners: 7/10

Tourism Infrastructure Rating: 9/10

Fluency in English Rating: 1/10

Languages spoken: Algerian Arabic + Berber

These stats were collected through general studies by prominent institutions that analyzed Algeria's tourism sector. They represent Algeria as a whole, not certain parts of the country that are either better or worse-off. These studies were then summarized into a given rating.

Top attractions

Monument of the Martyr

The Monument of Martyr is an iconic monument in Algeria honoring the country's independence.

Monument of the Martyrs

Basilique Notre-Dame d'Afrique

Basilique Notre-Dame d'Afrique is a Roman Catholic Church in Algeria and one of the only ones of its kind in Africa.

Alger, Notre Dame d'Afrique

Fort Santa Cruz

Fort Santa Cruz is a mountaintop fort, with picturesque views, in Oran.

Santa Cruz (Oran, Algeria)


Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria. It is known for its French colonial architecture and historic buildings, as well as its many churches and mosques.



Bechar is a major city in Algeria and one of the country's fastest growing cities. It is known for its city center and many neighborhoods.


Weather and Climate

Algeria, like many North African countries, has a typical Mediterrean climate, although, the south of the country is more dry.

Question: What is the ideal time to visit Algeria?

Answer: The best time to visit Algeria is March, when it is not too hot.


Common phrases in Algeria

The main languages spoken in Algeria are Arabic and French. Here are a few basic terms you should learn.

French language...


Bonjour means: Hello

Au revoir

Au revoir means: Goodbye


Oui means: Yes


Non means: No

Arabic language...


Naaam means: Yes


Iaa means: No


Shukran means: Thank you


Alaafw means: Excuse me

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The first civilization established in modern-day Algeria was established at Carthage on the Mediterranean Coast. The Phoenicians of Carthage often came into conflict with the southern and central Berber people. Carthage collapsed after it was defeated by the Roman Empire. Northern Algeria and some Berber groups converted to Christianity in the second century. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Algeria fell into the hands of the Vandal Kingdom which was later invaded by the Byzantine Empire. After the invasion of Algeria by the Byzantine Empire, the country was colonized by Arabs who converted Algeria to Islam. Starting in the 11th century, Algeria was ruled by various Berber dynasties. The country was invaded by Spain in the 15th century, who captured some land on the Mediterranean Coast, and converted the people living in those areas back to Christianity. In the 17th century, Algeria was invaded by the Ottoman Turks and became a province of the Ottoman Empire, of which Turkish was the official language. In 1830, the French invaded and colonized Algeria but the country declared its independence, finally, in July of 1962. Since then, Algeria has become the largest and one of the most important players on the African continent.


Algeria has one of the most developed transportation systems in Africa. There is great municipal transit in the cities but if you want to move from city to city, air travel is the best option.

Things to know

Avoid border regions and some parts of Southern Algeria. Terrorism is common there. The northern part of Algeria is as safe as most of Europe.

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