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Cuba is a Caribbean island country that is known for its interesting history, innovative architecture, and vintage cars.

Map of Cuba

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Basic Stats

Travel safety rating: 7/10

Targeted groups: No groups found

General Sanitation Rating: 4/10

Food Safety Rating for Foreigners: 4/10

Tourism Infrastructure Rating: 9/10

Fluency in English Rating: 2/10

Languages spoken: Spanish

These stats were collected through general studies by prominent institutions that analyzed Cuba's tourism sector. They represent Cuba as a whole, not certain parts of the country that are either better or worse-off. These studies were then summarized into a given rating.

Top Attractions


Havana is the capital and largest city of Cuba.


Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is a major city in the southeast of Cuba.

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Weather and Climate

Cuba has a warm and tropical climate.

Question: What is the ideal time to visit Cuba?

Answer: The best time to visit Cuba is from December to April.


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