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Representing the interests of the global tourism industry to the international community...

At Tripetta for Governments, our goal is to represent the interests of the global tourism industry to the international community. Tripetta’s free technology helps governments conduct foreign relations, negotiate tourism and trade deals, and promote local tourism. Tripetta has government users on four continents and is the largest and fastest-growing tourism business in the government market. We also ensure and enforce the legal use of Tripetta technology within and across borders and make sure that Tripetta terms are being followed. Tripetta technology can be used by all world governments free of cost provided that the below terms are followed.

Terms of Use...

Outline and objectives

Your organization's usage of Tripetta technology including embedded content, code, intellectual property or other objects under Tripetta's jurisdiction constitutes your acceptance of these terms.


1. Usage of Tripetta technology to promote Islamophobia, racial, ethnic, or other discrimination is prohibited.

2. Claiming without authority that Tripetta supports a specific government operation, political decision, or the likewise is prohibited.

3. Usage of Tripetta technology to defame the Tripetta brand name or Tripetta employees, users, or affiliates is prohibited.

4. Usage of Tripetta technology to promote internal propaganda is prohibited.

5. Usage of Tripetta technology to promote or create lies and conspiracy theories meant to cause political instability in your own or another country is prohibited.

6. Usage of Tripetta technology to influence or in any way meddle in the elections, procedures, and activities of a foreign government is prohibited.

7. Usage of Tripetta technology to hide, promote, or create corruption and money laundering schemes in any country or territory is prohibited.

8. Usage of Tripetta technology to fund terrorism of any kind is not allowed.

9. Usage of Tripetta technology that constitutes the violation of intellectual property rights and copyrights is prohibited.

10. Usage of Tripetta technology to share classified intelligence about Tripetta’s current or future business projects with our competitors, the public, or the press is prohibited.

11. Selling Tripetta technology or our data to a foreign customer without our consent is illegal and in violation of international law.

12. Usage of Tripetta technology to promote health and vaccine-related misinformation, including illegally-obtained or smuggled medicines, vaccines, and treatments, as well as tourism to obtain vaccines illegally or smuggling medicines and treatments from a foreign country, is prohibited.

Tripetta has the authority to

1. Tripetta has the authority to track all government users of Tripetta technology at any time and without notice.

2. Tripetta has the authority to launch an investigation into any world government or government organization that uses our technology if there is reason to believe that they committed a crime.

3. Tripetta has the authority to modify these terms in any way, and at any time.

4. Tripetta has the authority to take legal action or revoke software, content, or copyright licenses, after an internal investigation determined that the government in question violated our terms.

5. Tripetta will not investigate violations of external treaty alliances such as the EU and NATO, unless they directly involve the Tripetta business.

Your rights

1. Tripetta will not share gathered intelligence or classified information with a third party, the public, or the press.

2. Tripetta will not share information about your government’s activities to another world government or intelligence agency.

3. After a modification has been made to these terms, your activities before the change, even if in violation of updated terms, will not be investigated.

Intellectual property

1. Allowing citizens to download or recieve pirated Tripetta copyright or software licenses from your government is prohibited.

2. If something is said by Tripetta please provide quotations, or a parenthesis with the name (Tripetta) indicating that is us you are referring to.

3. If you are discussing a specific Tripetta product during a press briefing, or statement to business or political leaders or the general public, you must provide a link to the mentioned product in any digitized transcripts.

4. When sharing content Tripetta created in collaboration with another entity you must follow their terms as well.

5. If sharing a video, please provide a link to our website, if issued in the video description.

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