Cyber threats for travelers are growing every day, here is how to stay safe!

What cyber threats do travelers face?

During the modern day, we face cyber threats from all over, oftentimes without even realizing it. When we travel, we are more exposed to these threats than we would be at home, and the fun and joy of traveling can make us blind to these risks.

Cyber threats take many shapes, sizes, and forms. These threats can include using non-encrypted messengers, weak passwords, providing unwanted information to hackers, or connecting to unsecured public Wifi. When we travel we can often expose unwanted information to hackers, leading to compromised accounts, monetary losses, identity theft, or fraud.

Hacker terms

White hat hacker

A white hat hacker is someone who hacks to improve cybersecurity. The goal of these hackers is to notify companies about security risks, and share useful knowledge about bugs and security risks.

Grey hat hacker

A grey hat hacker is someone in betweeen white hat and black hat hacking. Although they may sometimes have good intentions, they can still violate laws.

Black hat hacker

A black hat hacker is someone who hacks with malicious intentions often to disrupt workflow and cause damage to compromised systems.

Hacker group

A hacker group is an organization of cybercriminals who work together, typically, as contractors and for monetary gain.


A cybercriminal is someone who specializes in black hat hacking, with the goal of violating laws and causing damage to compromised systems.


A hacktivist is an activist who uses hacking to promote, support, and draw attention to a social or political cause, usually by leaking classified and secret information that damages the reputation of a person or organization.


A bot is an automated machine that is used for capabilities that would be too repetitive for humans, typically, in a matter that is fast and cheap.

Bad bot

A bad bot is a bot that is used to automate the activities of hackers and cybercriminals.

Good bot

A good bot is a bot that automates the activities of organizations such as by sending emails, notifications, and sending you a "Happy Birthday".

Data breach

A data breach is when the information of many accounts is exposed at once to the public, typically, on the dark web or a hacker forum.

Dark web

The deepest layer of the internet, used to protect the identity of activists wanted by authorities and also used to mask the identity of hackers and other criminals.


How do I know if I am in a data breach?

The easiest way to find out if your email, phone number, or personal information is in a data breach is by visiting the website


I think someone is a bot, how would I know for sure

The easiest way to check if someone is a bot is if they repetitively create new accounts, publish spam and propaganda, exhibit no sense of reality, empathy, or thought of mind, or have many accounts that are empty. Bots also do not provide any personal information and avoid using real names, to protect the identities of cybercriminals and hacker groups who run them.

What is the difference between a bot and a troll, or is that the same thing?

Although both can be dangerous, and should be avoided, bots are automated machines while trolls are human internet users who publish provocative posts or comments with the intention of sparking public outrage.

What accounts, related to travel, would cybercriminals want to hack into

The most common accounts, related to travel, that cybercriminals hack are loyalty or rewards programs, credit card information through unsecure Wifi, and other information in the travel industry regarding payments.

Is it possible to prevent a data breach?

Yes, it is possible to prevent a data breach. If you become aware of a security threat to any website or organization it is always a good idea to contact them, inform them about the threat and how they can fix it.

How can I not get hacked

Use secure passwords, change your passwords regularly, use a VPN, and inform yourself about ongoing events in the cybersecurity industry. Always report accounts you suspect are used by cybercriminals, bots, or trolls.

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