Our Vision

Mission: Tripetta's mission is to drastically simplify the process of travel planning. We aim to build AI and location technology that personalizes travel recommendations, plans safe and accurate transit routes, and profitably connects travelers to booking sites.

Our goal is to become the leading AI travel planner used by Americans, and we aim to build a technological ecosystem that aligns with and promotes American values. We want our tech to be personalized to each user - acting like a caring friend instead of an emotionless, AI agent.

How it works

Our Journey

Tripetta Group is based in New York City and was founded in 2023 by Anton Rud. Initially, our business provided advertising services to major travel companies, before using the funding to build America’s first AI travel planner.

After being featured on Fox News, Tripetta’s AI grew to 200,000 monthly page views and we gained more advertising deals specifically for our AI. Today, we are working to raise funding from investors, produce a TV commercial, and expand to Android and iOS.

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