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Year in Travel 2021

Each December at Tripetta, we make a Year in Travel. After three years, we still have no idea why we do this or why they are so popular. This year's categories were determined based on user recommendations.

Most-visited countries (by number of searches)

1. Finland

Topping the charts this year, by number of yearly searches, is Finland, which is also one of the top countries by bookings. The most popular destination within Finland was Lapland. Legend says that this is purely to contrast the average temperatures of last year's pick, Vietnam.

Lapland, Finland by Jan Berryfield on 500px.com

2. Greece

In second place, this year, comes Greece, which is also in fourth place by total number of Tripetta users. The ten thousand Greek votes for Greece were not counted, as you cannot vote for your own country.

The Athens Acropolis by Vasilis Tsikkinis on 500px.com

3. United Kingdom

Britain arrives third this year, which is not a reference to England's third place at UEFA. The most popular destination among UK domestic users was Dundee, and among foreign visitors was London.

From London by WALID AHMAD on 500px.com

4. Belgium

In fourth place this year is Belgium, due to the fact that there are four languages spoken in the country, Dutch, French, English, and German which is an official langauge is two provinces.

Brussels Town Hall by jbchan on 500px.com

5. Germany

In fifth place this year is Germany, with the most popular destination within Germany being Frankfurt.

Frankfurt by Ralf Minolta on 500px.com

You've got to say wow...

Most fascinating story

This year's most fascinating story, a new addition to the Year in Travel, comes from a Tripetta customer in Argentina, who booked her flight to Italy so that she could finally find her future husband! It is unknown to us whether or not she had any success.

Least fascinating story

This year's least fascinating story comes from a one-time Tripetta user in Germany who spent three seconds on the homepage of our site before leaving forever, never to be seen or heard from again.

Tripetta users by country

Users by country

1. United States

2. United Kingdom

3. Brazil

4. Russia

5. Germany

End of year note

Thanks to all Tripetta customers who made our third year possible. It has been an honor serving Tripetta users from over 120 countries, from Paraguay to Mongolia. Book your next trip on Tripetta.

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